Host of “The Texas Daily”, Jeff Brady Discusses JFK50

Watch “JFK 50: A Texas Tribute”, streamed LIVE on; Friday, November 22nd from 7am-7pm CST (UTC-6 Hours). This special 12 hour broadcast will feature rare video of President Kennedy’s trip to Dallas, live interviews with people who have first-hand connections to some of the darkest days in our country’s history, and live coverage of the observance in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza celebrating the remarkable life, legacy, and leadership of our 35th President. Follow the conversation about the broadcast on social media by following our twitter page at and liking our Facebook page at

1 thought on “Host of “The Texas Daily”, Jeff Brady Discusses JFK50

  1. my final theory is mac wallace fired the fatal shot through the overpass, the fingerprintat the book building was a plant to divert attention from him if it got that far, the rest was a planned smokescreen around that

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